Coffee is available in four forms. The first and most preferred is raw, unprocessed beans. The coffee goes to the market in parched form, which means just dried but not milled. It may optionally consist of whole beans with their husks intact. The second form is roasted but decaffeinated. This entails beans with a thin roast under low heat to retain their caffeine content. The third form is that of coffee that is decaffeinated but is not roasted. Of the four kinds, the parched type accounts for 99 percent of all coffee.

We harvest the coffee berries by hand means. Our workers pick the cherries when they have attained a solid scarlet color. They then load them into baskets ready for transportation to the milling factory for washing, processing and later grinding.

We process coffee under a set of key steps that include the following:  we first dry the cherries so that their moisture levels will go down to 11 percent. This is through outdoor sun exposure. Though time-demanding, this is the most typical procedure in developing nations as it is organic, cheap and straight-forward.

We pack what now goes under the name ‘green’ coffee into jute bags of at least 50 kilograms net weight. We also have sisal bags that give the produce plenty of breathing spaces. This fabric then goes into film lined containers on wheeled pallets inside the airport. All our bags of the unroasted coffee come with the proper name of the variety (mainly robusta), the country of origin and the net weight.

Upon request, we also roast and grind green beans into fine coffee. We roast the produce at 400 degrees Fahrenheit after which we promptly cool it by cool water. We grind the coffee using different settings of high pressure to bring out diverse flavors and particle sizes. The finest coffee usually requires fast action after grinding and equally careful brewing in our high-pressure brewers.

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Royal Coffee is a premium coffee made exclusively from homegrown Kenya Arabica coffee beans.

Royal coffee bag is 100% Kenya Arabica coffee.
1. Put one Royal Coffee bag into a cup of clean freshly boiled water
2. Allow it to brew for 3 minutes
3. Add sugar and/or milk to taste.
4. Serve and enjoy.
100% Kenya Arabica Coffee